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Workshop 3: Short-Term Mobility: Cultivating Global Fluency through Curricular Opportunities

Students are eager to gain global experience, engage with diverse cultures and apply learnings in the classroom to global challenges.. Short-term, course-based international experiences lead students to increased opportunities post-graduation and are more accessible due to their short duration (Antonova, Gurarji & Vysotskaia 2020). Institutions are able to leverage their global partnerships to provide reciprocal and immersive learning opportunities for students to engage in research, industry networking and cross-cultural fluency development in different parts of the world. This workshop provides a framework and adaptable pathway to develop curricular, short-term mobility experiences for students through institutional partnerships. Led by faculty and staff from the University of Toronto and the University of Sydney, this workshop uses a case study of a course that provides students from Sydney an immersive research experience in Toronto to address SDG 11 focused on Sustainable Cities and Communities. Participants will navigate key considerations and best practices in developing these opportunities. Programming that leverages the connections, networks, and expertise of partner institutions provides students with high-quality and sustainable experiential learning that prepares them to develop globally-focused solutions. Antonova, N., Gurarii, A., & Vysotskaia, Y. (2020). Short-Term Student Mobility: Motivation, Expectation and Barriers. The New Educational Review, 59(1), 129–137.


  • Mahvish Wesley, Canada
  • Heather Bruce, Canada
  • Angela Hecimovic, Australia


  • Mahvish Wesley, Canada

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand the importance of global experiential learning in preparing students for post-graduate opportunities. Participants will learn how to engage with partners in developing curricular, short-term mobility experiences that leverage partner’s local expertise and networks. Participants will be able to develop and build out a course that involves a short-term mobility international travel component that complements the course learning objectives and provides global application to their studies. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Partnerships & Mobility, Programs, Developing globally competent graduates