APAIE 2024 APAIE 2024

Conference Theme

Collaborating for sustainable impact: partnerships across the Asia Pacific

With increasing demand for people and institutions to reconnect in these post-covid years, internationalization is brought back into the strategic focus of higher education institutions. It is timely to redefine institutional partnerships and internationalization in a more sustainable and relevant manner. This requires balancing the concepts of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, inclusiveness and the utilization of technological advancement, with an understanding of the impact of such collaborative activities.


The conference theme can be addressed in numerous ways. For APAIE 2024, we invite proposal submissions which apply the theme in relation to:

1. Student experience and well-being

2. Partnerships and mobility

3. Programs 

4. Student recruitment

APAIE 2024 proposals should focus on the theme in relation to a stream, with a clear connection/relevance to the Asia-Pacific region. (See selection criteria.)

Ideas of the types of topics that could be explored under each stream include: 

 1. Student experience and well-being

• Building an inclusive campus community

• Innovations in student support

• Supporting academic, language and technological development

• Responses to rapidly changing student expectations

• Sustainable campus operations and an eco-system

2. Partnerships and mobility

• Developing active partnerships

• Best practice and innovation in student exchange

• Enabling access and participation in student mobility programs 

• New forms of partnerships to meet sustainability goals

3. Programs

• TNE and borderless education

• Developing globally competent graduates

• Ensuring program offerings support a diverse international enrolment

• Innovations in delivery for students, both on and off campus

• Entrepreneurship and work-integrated learning programs

4. Student recruitment

• Diversification strategies

• The role of virtual recruitment

• Innovation in digital marketing

• Realities of changing markets