Concurrent Session Presentations

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Thank you to all those who presented and attended APAIE 2024 in Perth, Australia. We hope to see you all in Delhi for APIAE 2025!


Tuesday 5 March, 2024

1A: Climate Change and Energy Transition Education between Australia and Vietnam
1B:  Adopting Gamified eTournament on Raising Students’ Awareness of SDGs
1C: Regional Update - Philippines and Hong Kong SAR
1E:  IELTS One Skill Retake: Learnings from a new delivery mode
1F: Unconference: The Good, Bad and Ugly of International Collaboration
2A: ebuilding a Sustainable International Internship Program in Asia After Covid-19
2B: StudyPerth: Bridging the Gap Between Students and Local Business Communities
2C: Transforming Lives: 30 years of public-private partnership
2D:  Partnering for Change-Transnational Education to Support a Sustainable Net-Zero Future
2E: Student Recruitment in SE Asia: Diversification Strategies in Practice 
2F:  Overseas campuses  -  impacts on their host country
3A: Community Development as the Living Lab: Case of Siam University to achieve SDGs
3A: Internationalization and Diversity at International College in Thailand
3B: New Forms of Partnerships to Meet Sustainable Development Goals
3C: Cultural Diplomacy Prospering Global Prominence of Higher Education Institutions
3C:  Developing sustainable TNE partnerships through the Education Counsellor Network
3D: Employability: Sustainable recruitment using partnerships across the Asia Pacific region
3F:  Unlocking Career Pathways: Retaining International Talents
4A: Kangaroos in Austria? Get them moving! Strategic Austr(al)ia Collaboration
4B: Insights from the new Climate Action Barometer for international education™
4C: Exploring Indonesia's global research partnerships in 2024 and beyond 
4D: Open Innovative Partnership of Universities and Businesses in Asia Pacific
4E: First contact matters: Comparing institutions and agents on international enquiries
4F: Sharing Outcomes from Inspiring Hybrid Mobility Program throughout Asia
5B:  Developing successful pathways for international students through work-integrated learning (WIL)
5C:  Transitioning to sustainable practice: individuals, institutions and associations
5D: Citizen Science towards a Meaningful Collaboration for Sustainable Impact
5D: Utilizing SDGs framework for innovative interdisciplinary
5E:  Harnessing AI to transform student access and efficiency in admissions
5F: Sustainable Partnerships: Intra- and inter-national collaboration in the Asia Pacific


Wednesday 6 March, 2024

6A:  Building Inclusive Global Indigenous Learning Experiences between Canada and Australia
6B: Strengthening Internationalisation Capacity of Higher Education Institutions in CLMV Countries
6D: Internationally Local: Ensuring quality TNE for a strong student experience
6E: Student flourishing effort
6F: Harnessing Strategic Research Partnerships and Networks to Drive Internationalisation Strategies 
7B: Creating a sustainable relationship between Asian and European partners
7C: Regional Update - French Polynesia nd Canada
7D: International Internships and the furtherment of the UNSDGs
7E: Leveraging AI in Student Recruitment Across the Asia-Pacific Region
7F: Maximizing your NAFSA experience
8A: Enabling International WIL: Mobility Partnerships for Maori and Pacific Youth
8B: Internationalisation Learning: 1100 Japanese Study Abroad students, 600 Local Ambassadors
8C: Collaborating to Develop Sustainable Female Leadership Partnerships
8C: Developing a successful Joint Education Institute in China
8D: Hong Kong’s Advantages: New Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area 
8E: Exceeding expectations: Putting a Face on the International Student Journey
8F: Real International Marketing COIL Program Through 4 Universities Collaboration
9A: Learning abroad and First Nations students: Asia-Pacific perspectives
9B: Building a Sustainable Future Through Active Partnerships
9C:  Sustainable Collaborations Within for Inclusive Community: Connecting our critical work
9D: Best Practices for Broadening Refugee Access to Higher Education
9E: Diasporic advice: How students from SE Asia make study decisions
9F: Spotlighting emerging researchers in international education across the Asia-Pacific

10A: Academic (university) Continuing Education in the Asia-Pacific and European regions

10B: Driving institutional impact through sustainable partnerships
10C: March to 2030: Higher Education’s Critical Role in Advancing SDGs

10D: Higher Education to Transform, Transfer, and Together for a Better World

10E:  Learning loss: Upcoming international education challenges arising from the pandemic

10F: Immersion Learning Experiences: Creating, Collaborating, and Connecting

11A: Building Collaborative Partnerships cross the Asia Pacific for Sustainable

11B: Southeast Asia education and research partnerships to support net-zero targets

11C: Sustainability and media literacy: raising awareness among students

11D: Scaling Australia’s flagship student industry experience program

11E: A Unique Student Mobility Experiences within the Bi-nation Consortium

11F: Unleashing the Potential of Partnerships for Achieving Sustainable Goals


Thursday 7 March, 2024

12A: Challenges in implementing joint degree programs across continents
12B: Taking Climate Action - it's too hard, or is it?
12C:  International Students Activities for a Meaningful Experience during Exchange Program
12C: Developing Active Partnerships between UKM and Universities Beyond ASEAN
12D: Host Partner’s Diversification Strategy for International Student Recruitment
12E: How Do You Like My Course? - Practices of EMI

12E: Leveraging digital-first and AI innovations to enhance the student experience

12F: The importance of belonging: enhancing international students wellbeing and outcomes

13A: Policies, practices and strategy for collaboration on sustainability across ASEAN

13B: Impact of Exchange Program on the Career/Life of DIU Graduates

13C: Regional Update - Australia and India

13D: International Education Next for Japan: Digital Transformation and Blended Mobility

13E:  Embracing Global Excellence: Collaborating to Develop Globally Competent Graduates

13F: Best Practices for Establishing Long-Term, Sustainable Student Exchange Programs

14B: Will COIL/Virtual Exchange remain active beyond the Pandemic?

14C: Developing active partnerships through global associations in higher education landscape

14D: Quality, inclusive international education for the many, not the few 

14E: Relationships and policies: Building an agency certification and management process 

14F: Nurturing Inclusivity and Revolutionary Support in Dual Degree Programs

15A:  Cross-Border Talent Cultivation: An Industry-Academic Cooperation Model in Semiconductor Technology

15B: Redefining institutional partnerships through consortia across the Pacific

15C: Intercultural Approach to Work-Integrated-Learning through Community Engagement and Environment Impact

15D: Developing Industry-ready Graduates through Techno-Social Problem-Solving Programs

15E: Program Flexibility: Sustainable Integration and Student Well-being under Changing Demands

15F: Enhancing sustainability and diversity through innovative educational delivery methods

16B: Diversification & Innovation in Global Student Recruitment 

16C: Promoting the UN SDGs through Innovative Study-Abroad Programs

16D: Entrepreneurial Universities – Innovating and Disrupting International Education

16E: Using Data in Student Recruitment - What to Trust

16F: What Makes Students Happy and Satisfied -  A Global Perspective

17A:  Connecting Asia for a Sustainable Future: Collaborative Program Development Experience

17B: Co-created Indonesian-Dutch interdisciplinary Academies on Sustainable Urbanisation: Impact and Benefits

17C: Collaborating for Sustainable Impact: A 2-year College’s Call to Internationalization

17E:  Enhancing International Student Recruitment and Communication through Virtual Exchange Programs

17F: Empowering students from diverse international backgrounds for higher education success