Workshop 4 - Creative International Collaboration

How have the challenges of the global pandemic taught higher education Institutions to embrace creative new ways to work together? We know that collaborations through institutional partnerships can uniquely allow us to address future issues and consider sustainable education pathways. Now, with increased aptitude for online communication, we can expand how we integrate learning from, and working with, others to develop faculty, staff, and student experiences that broaden our perspectives in ways we may not have before.

After two years, we had learned our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and our ability to ‘think outside of the box’ and develop resilience and new ways to work together.

Using our expertise in the creative process, we will lead the group in an interactive exploration of sharing and ideating new practices for forming and nourishing unique global collaborations.

We will acknowledge challenges when considering how partnerships can help us address future issues and work together to propose innovative approaches for overcoming them. Collectively, we will identify how institutions and program areas of all sizes and disciplines can work together to share their approaches and tools with one another when building awareness, resilience, and sustainability within their communities.


  • Jennie Suddick, OCAD University
  • Kazmy Chi, Universidad de Monterrey