Guidelines for Speakers, Chairs and Poster Presenters

1. Guidelines for Speakers

Preparing your content

  • You have the option to use the APAIE 2023 presentation template (ppt) for your presentation, however it is not mandatory.
  • If using your own ppt, please check the aspect ratio is 16:9 (widescreen) or save to this ratio.
  • If there is any video component in your ppt, please ensure it is embedded into the ppt.
  • Ensure that your presentation aligns with the conference theme, with a clear introduction and objectives.
  • If you have a panel of speakers, make sure each speaker has a copy of the presentation, and a clear understanding of their role on the panel and contribution to the presentation.
  • Consider which aspects of your presentation may be of most interest to those attending.


  • Allow time for questions and answers within your allocated presentation timeframe.
  • If possible, contact your Chair before the presentation, to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of how the presentation will run.
  • Provide one or two questions for your Chair to help kick off the Q&A section.

Promote your session!

Promote your presentation with colleagues, such as via social media, or notices at your booth if you are also an exhibitor.

Uploading your presentation

  • All presenters should go to the Speakers Preparation Room to upload their presentation to the conference system at least three hours before the scheduled presentation session.
  • If your session is the first session of day, please load your presentation the day prior.
  • You can also bring a USB and play it directly however it is preferable to pre-load your presentation to ensure it will run smoothly.
  • All APAIE 2023 presentations will be pre-loaded to your presentation room (unless playing directly from USB). Presentation slides will also be included in the conference resources, available only to delegates for a period of 2 months post-conference on the APAIE 2023 website.

Audio Visual Support          

Audio Visual (AV) personnel will be in attendance to provide support. Volunteers will be available and to assist with identifying and managing audience questions.

Before your session time               

  • Check the live program to confirm your room and session time.
  • Please allow sufficient time to arrive at your session to meet your session Chair and co-presenters.
  • If more than one presentation is scheduled during your session, please stay for the full 60m-minute session, as a courtesy to your fellow presenters.

2. Guidelines for Chairs

The Chair has a key role to play for the smooth running and success of the session. The key aspects of the Chair’s role are to:

  • Ensure the session starts and ends on time, and timing of presentations is followed.
  • Introduce the session topic and welcome each speaker.
  • Prepare relevant opening and closing remarks for the session.
  • Facilitate question and answer time (if possible, acquire one or two questions from the speakers in advance to kick off the Q&A).
  • Make sure all speakers and audience questions can be heard.
  • Where there is more than one presentation in a session, ensure smooth transition between each presentation, and each presentation receives their allocated time in accordance with the program.
  • If requested, convey any information and housekeeping notes from the conference organisers to those attending the session.
  • Session chairs should check the online program for details of the presentations and speakers in the session they are to chair. Close to the event, please check again as details may have changed.
  • Where possible, it is ideal to have some contact with the coordinator of each presentation before the session (via email, phone or in person) to briefly discuss how the session will run.

3. Guidelines for Poster Presenters

Preparing your poster

Please prepare a printed poster to bring to the conference for display.

Note: Each poster will have an information label provided by APAIE 2023, so you don’t necessarily need to include the same details on your poster. The label will include the following:

  • Poster position
  • Stream
  • Poster title
  • Author(s): Name, organisation, country/region
  • QR code for further details such as poster abstract and objective, and author bio.

The poster should be:

  • Designed in portrait layout.
  • Printed in a size no larger than 1186 x 900mm wide (this is the maximum size that may be accommodated).
  • Printed on paper / thin card that is easy to transport to the conference. Please do not laminate your poster to ensure it may be recycled.
  • Designed such that titles, legends, graphs and illustrations can be easily read from a distance of 1.5 metres.

Poster display and discussion

  • Please hang your poster by 08:30 Tuesday 14 March using the Velcro dots provided.
  • Posters will be on display from 08:30 on Tuesday 14 March until 16:00 Thursday 16 March.
  • There are six Poster Sessions scheduled as 2 sessions per lunchtime, 12:15–13:00 and 13:00-13:45 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Invite your fellow delegates to your session – promote through your networks and social media channels.
  • Please be by your poster during your allocated session, ready to discuss your poster with interested delegates.
  • At the completion of the conference, all poster authors are responsible for removing their posters. Please remove your poster by 16:15 on Thursday 16 March. Any uncollected posters will be treated as unwanted.