Workshop 5 - Climate Action Network for International Educators (CANIE) Take Action Now!

Climate change is already impacting our lives and will hit parts of the Asia Pacific disproportionately hard. As a sector, our task is to prepare the next generation to tackle the biggest challenges of our time but can we legitimately lay claim to this aspiration if we don’t model that behaviour in our own sector?

The good news is that there are practical actions you can take to reduce the carbon footprint of your international operations and your institution or organisation.  Following the CANIE COP26 Leaders Form in November 2021, our sector has come together at the highest level to organize around the truth the truth that we are facing a climate crisis that International Education has a role to play in leading on action, and a set of principles to guide those actions as we work towards net-zero.  The CANIE Accord is designed to strengthen and accelerate the sector’s commitment to climate change.

How can your organization take climate action today? This interactive session will increase your understanding of the commitments your organization can make to become a signatory of the CANIE Accord, as well as sharing important insights from the CANIE Glasgow Paper.

Moderator and Facilitator: Ailsa Lamont, CANIE

Facilitator: Katy Clark, CANIE Oceania