Workshop 1 - Project-Based Experiential Learning: Build, Measure, Learn

A major theme in developing twenty-first century competencies centres on the learning philosophy of taking what was learned in one situation and applying it to new situations (Lee, et al., 2014). To embrace this learning philosophy, teaching pedagogy may have to evolve from content teaching, to engaging students in active learning, hence focusing on applying and reflecting knowledge (Pan et al., 2019). Other research also recommends Project-Based Experiential Learning (PBEL) as a mean to help put an end to the rule of rote learning and test prep schooling. What should an institution do to build a PBEL curriculum? How would one measure the outcome of the programme? How might one learn from the initial experience and make necessary adjustment to the PBEL programme? At this workshop, be guided by Singapore Management University as they share their experience on setting up their PBL programme (launched in 2015 as SMU-X). They will discuss the various models and options of PBEL, its challenges as well as resources to be committed to the programme.


Moderator: Kevin Koh, Singapore Management University


  • Gary Pan, Singapore Management University
  • Yuanto Kusnadi, Singapore Management University